That’s right, Global Vascular Access, LLC & KJM Insights are currently developing a fully functional smartphone App and widget (Apple Watch, etc) that helps you, the clinician to determine the best catheter to vessel ratio (CVR) for your patients intravascular requirements, regardless of what brand of venous or arterial device you place – based upon the area consumed by the device within the vessel – PIVC, extended dwell, arterial catheter, midline, PICC, or CICC – even dialysis and tunneled/implanted catheters.

Our tool will work with all your brand catheters – to help you determine the most appropriate vessel and device size.

What’s even just as impressive is that it will be FREE for everyone.. yes, FREE! For both iOS and Android platforms. You will find it on both the Apple iStore and Google Play when released.. watch this space for updates!

We are taking the guesswork out of the equation, and making it quick and simple to determine results. The hard math is done for you behind the scenes. Just enter catheter and/or vessel sizes and CVR Tool will do the rest. How hard is that? Not at all, but its in the best interest in your patients health.

CVR Table