3d6ad3bAn experienced Vascular Access Specialist of over 25 years, Tim’s clinical background and qualifications began in Intensive Care Nursing, Advanced Clinical Nutrition, Vascular Access and Ultrasound. Previously, he was the Clinical Nurse Consultant of the Central Venous Access and Parenteral Nutrition Service at the Liverpool Hospital, a 1000-bed tertiary institution in Sydney, Australia, which he solely established and successfully lead for over 21 years.
Now, as Director and Principle Consultant of Global Vascular Access, LLC, his focus is to improve all ultrasound-guided vascular access procedures for clinicians globally.

Tim has been instrumental inadvancing the scope of clinicians knowledge and skills in vascular access issues, and has contributed to clinical research and evidence-based literature in promoting patient safety and improved clinical practices and outcomes in Vascular Access.

Tim has helped pioneer the role of the advanced vascular access specialist globally. He is actively engaged in clinician education, simulation, research and evidence-based practices in vascular access. With a strong respect for quality evidence-based literature and education, his aim is in promoting a holistic approach to vascular access, with the patient as the central focus.

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