Hi, I’m Tim Spencer and welcome to my evidence blog. As an experienced Vascular Access Specialist and Critical Care Nurse for over 32 years, my clinical background and qualifications began in Coronary and Intensive Care Nursing, Advanced Clinical Nutrition, Vascular Access and Ultrasound. Previously, I was the Clinical Nurse Consultant of the Central Venous Access and Parenteral Nutrition Service which I established in 1996, and successfully lead for over 21 years at the Liverpool Hospital, a ~1000-bed academic institution in Southwest Sydney, Australia.

As Director of Global Vascular Access, LLC, my focus now is to improve all ultrasound-guided vascular access procedures for clinicians globally, and provide all clinicians with a greater understanding of vessel health strategies to prevent ongoing vascular access-related complications and patient harm.

Global Vascular Access, LLC is a specialty-clinician organization that provides practice management services to clinicians performing or learning vascular access procedures, ultrasound and its required knowledge-based education. It was formed to identify and partner with leading quality groups and industry who desire a strategic partner with the evidence-based resources and expertise to invest in their practice support infrastructure and position them for continued success and growth within their practice areas, improving clinician and facility outcomes and patient satisfaction.

I have been instrumental in helping advance the scope of clinicians knowledge and skills in vascular access issues, and have contributed to clinical research and evidence-based literature in promoting patient safety, improved clinical practices and patient outcomes in Vascular Access. I also provide mentorship for new writers and have helped a number of clinicians to academic publications, something I am very proud of.

I was honoured as the 2019 recipient of Suzanne LaVere Herbst Award for Excellence in Vascular Access, the highest honor AVA bestows upon a member, in recognition of outstanding contributions to the art and science of vascular access.

As an early pioneer in the role of the advanced non-physician vascular access specialist role, I am actively engaged in clinical education, healthcare simulation, research and evidence-based practices in ultrasound-guided vascular access procedures. With a strong respect for quality evidence-based literature and education, my aim is in promoting a holistic approach and best practices in vascular access, with the improving clinician skill sets and reducing patient harm as a central focus.

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